Water & Wine is a practical online platform designed to meet the water management needs of Ontario and BC winemakers.

This platform focuses on the basic principles and foundational elements of water management that can support the goal of making Ontario and BC leaders in sustainable winemaking.

Ontario’s wine industry contributes $3.3 billion in economic impact to the provincial economy, resulting in 14,000 jobs and continues to grow. In 2015, BC’s wine industry contributed $2.8 billion to the provincial economy and created 12,000 full-time BC jobs. Ontario and BC are Canada’s largest wine grape producing provinces in terms of acreage, tonnage and wine grape sales.

While Ontario and BC’s winemakers are experts in crafting high-quality wines that are recognized globally, they need practical guidance to optimize water use and manage wastewater from their operations.

Development of Water & Wine

Winter 2013
BLOOM meets with the Wine Council of Ontario to discuss water challenges facing wineries


Spring 2013
Began Sector Analysis with Wine Council of Ontario

Wine Council of Ontario

Summer 2013
Conducted survey and site visits of Ontario wineries

Summer 2013
Innovative wastewater treatment pilot at Cave Spring Cellars

Innovative wastewater treatment pilot at Cave Spring Cellars

Winter 2013/2014
Released Briefing Note and hosted winery consultation sessions

BLOOM WCO Briefing Note

A study by BLOOM of water practices at Ontario wineries, in collaboration with the Wine Council of Ontario, found that wineries are facing water and wastewater challenges that are adding costs and operational risks, and potentially limiting growth.

BLOOM published a Briefing Note identifying major water risk areas and opportunities.

Wineries wanted to take advantage of these opportunities and implement better practices, but needed guidance on how to pursue practical solutions.

As a result of this feedback BLOOM began to develop guidance materials and conducted demonstrations at Ontario wineries.

Spring/Summer 2014
Conducted additional site visits of Ontario wineries

Summer 2014
Demonstrated water monitoring at Norman Hardie Winery

water use monitoring

Summer 2014
Demonstrated well monitoring approaches at Broken Stone Winery

well management

Summer 2014
Launched a 4-part video series to raise awareness of why wineries should care about water and the benefits of sustainable water use practices

4-part video series

Spring 2015
Launched Water & Wine online platform

Water and Wine online platform

Spring 2018
BLOOM worked with Sustainable Winegrowing British Columbia to enhance the relevance of Water & Wine to BC wineries

Sustainable Winegrowing BC

BLOOM developed the online platform Water & Wine to change the way wineries think about water and to make it easier for them to adopt sustainable water practices that save time and money.

Water & Wine was developed in collaboration with the Wine Council of Ontario, individual wineries, technology and solution providers, government agencies at provincial and municipal levels, conservation authorities, and colleges and academia, what BLOOM calls the Collective We.